Medical aesthetics clinic and Ayurveda Indian spa at Østerbro

Indian Spa, Cosmetology and slimming clinic. The balance in mind, body and soul makes you look good and feel good.

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Our treatments

Medical Aesthetics

The clinic is registered under the health authority, and all doctors and nurses who work at the clinic are also registered with both the health and patient safety authorities.

Cosmetic treatments

We have many different cosmetic treatments. Among other things, there is facial therapy, Diamond Dermabrasion and much more. You can read more about our cosmetic treatments below.

Slimming treatments

We have many different slimming treatments. Among other things, there is Lipo-Laser treatment, Infrared EMS and Fat Freezing with Zeltiq Technology Cryolipolysis. You can read more about our slimming treatments below.

Ayurveda spa

We have many Ayurvedic spa treatments. There are, among other things, different head, face and full body massages. It is based on a special 4000-year-old technique. You can read more about the treatments below.

Alternative treatment

With us you can get treatment for common physical and mental problems. You must make an appointment at the clinic for an interview with Dr. Uttara Diensh Kale, who is a trained doctor from India and has a specialization in homeopathy.

Book an appointment

Book an appointment for one of our many treatments in our clinic in Østerbro. You can book your next alternative, cosmetic or slimming treatment by clicking the button below.

Klinik mind body & soul

About the clinic

Dr.Uttara Dinesh Kale er konsulent i  kosmetologi, indisk spa behandlinger, og homøopatiske behandlinger.  Hun er uddannet i avanceret kosmetologi, fysioterapi og asiatiske spa-behandlinger og med tiden fandt hun sin egen unike færdighed i at blande traditionelle teknikker med moderne kosmetologi. Senere har hun også udviklet sin faglige viden om virkningerne på huden ved et masterprogram i Environmental Science i Indien.

Klinik mind body & soul

Our opening hours

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 16:30 - 19:00
  • Wednesday 16:30 - 19:00
  • Thursday Closed
  • Friday 16:30 - 19:00
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday 09.00 - 12.00


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