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Gynacologist, Consultant in cosmetology and indian spa treatments. 

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Dr. Uttara Dinesh Kale

Dr. Uttara is a medical doctor from India with a passion for cosmetology that has developed along the years, from a hobby to a profession. A part from a medical degree, she has a Masters degree in Environmental Science, where she studied closely the effects on environment on skin and hair. She has a degree in Social Medicine from Lund University, Sweden

She has a certificate in Advanced Cosmetology from Natures Way Institute in India and also a course in spa treatments from Thailand International Institute of Massage Therapy. She also has a diploma in physiotherapy

She has developed her own techniques blending traditional alternative medicine techniques such as Ayurveda, Shiatsu and physiotherapy to formulate a balanced technique in relaxation through head, body and face massage. She is also trained in using advanced modern cosmetological machinery such as galvanic, high frequency, oxygen therapy units, microdermabrasion and diamond dermabrasion, chemical peeling, ultrasound techniques for regeneration of skin cells.

Her speciality is facial therapy through studying skin physiology and customizing the facial to meet the patient’s demand. Her expertise includes aroma therapy facials, anti-age facials, chemical peels, non-surgical skin resurfacing, anti–acne treatment, Ayurvedic relaxation massages for face, head and whole body. She has blended her knowledge as a gynaecologist with traditional Ayurvedic techniques to develop a specially beneficial massage for pregnant women and infants…

She is also certified to develop non-medical , herbal cosmetic products and has her own line of cosmetic products in India.

She now brings to Denmark, the best of traditional Indian medical science of Ayurveda, combined with a medically based Cosmetology technique. She mixes the traditional ayurvedic treatments for skin and hair, with the use of modern technological equipment, such as oxygen and ozone therapy, lipo laser and dermabrasion.

To help find a balance in her clients’ mind body and soul, is what inspired her to start this business.


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